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Winner of the 2018 San Francisco Design Week Award in Communications Design

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I worked with their design team to realize their vision for presenting their data across all devices. We worked together on designing and planning the functionality, then I was able to build upon their direction with interactive maps, animated graphs, and an animated background treatment.

"Every day, almost 100 Americans die from gun violence, and an additional 245 people are shot and injured. While this crisis impacts families in every community, in every state, its toll disproportionately hits states with weaker gun laws. Giffords’ Annual Gun Scorecard grades and ranks each state on the strength of its gun laws. It aims to educate users and inform and inspire action.

This year we have seen tremendous momentum to end gun violence—especially from young people, who decided that “enough is enough.” The Scorecard is a tool that is used by these activists, as well as elected officials, journalists, and educators. It demonstrates that there is a significant opportunity—and proven outcomes—to stop this epidemic.

The Scorecard’s gradient background moves from the vibrant blue of analysis and education to the warm red of courage, urgency, and action. This joining of red and blue also speaks America’s need to work across ideological lines to end our gun violence crisis."

Key Team Members:

Shoshana Schultz - Design
Josel Cruz - Design, Web Development
Allison Anderman - Product & Research
Laura Cutiletta - Product & Research
Kelly Drane - Product & Research
Garrett McDonough - Project Management
Robyn Thomas - Executive Director

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