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I’m a graphic designer and web designer based in Los Angeles, California. I’m also a pretty smart cookie.*

I’m currently a freelance designer at this tasty strategy and design firm, but my services are available for hire. Check out some selections of my work and contact me if you have any questions.

I have collaborated with several L.A.-based studios, including Something In The Universe, SteelHouse, Oishii Creative, HNBeat Design, and Made In Space.

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico but somehow ended in this crazy little town called Los Angeles. I fell in love with the smoggy sunsets, but stayed because of its rich art and design culture. I also love this town’s design community, so you’ll often see me in AIGA Los Angeles events.

Finally, not to further L.A. stereotypes, but I'm also a singer/songwriter/bass player in this East L.A. rock/soul group called The Catchatones, check it out!

*Feel free to test my smart cookieness by asking me about any random topic. Preferably over a beer or two.

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Beautiful/Decay (visit website)
Website Design + Development [HTML/CSS, PHP]
Art blog redesign focused on improving navigation and encouraging sales of their products. The elegant, condensed typography, along with the thick, overabundant horizontal rules, give the site an over-the-top tone that does not compete with the wild artwork featured on the blog.

Done with Something In The Universe
Rukes (visit website)
Website Design + Development [HTML/CSS, PHP]
Website for a music photographer. The background is a full bleed slideshow with the latest and greatest images, while the calendar in the foreground is used to browse his massive photo gallery. A heavily customized Wordpress theme makes it easy to keep the site up-to-date, and responsive design makes the site accessible on mobile devices.

Done with Something In The Universe
Cypress, LLP (visit website)
Website Design
Part of a branding overhaul for a Los Angeles lawfirm that caters to tech entrepreneurs, rock stars, and media companies. Their new identity helps them stand out as a bold, unique, and sophisticated lawfirm. The website carries the sophisticated, yet inviting tone of the new branding.

Done with Oishii Creative

Ismael Obregon : Creative Direction
Josel Cruz : Design
Delicious: Oishii Creative Blog (visit website)
Website Design + Development  [HTML/CSS, PHP, jQuery]
Custom Wordpress theme using jQuery Masonry to dynamically rearrange a wall of blog posts.

The goal of the website was to create a casual ambience that is subtly branded, while characterizing the playful, dynamic side of Oishii Creative.

Done with Oishii Creative

Ismael Obregon : Creative Direction
Josel Cruz : Design, Development
Oishii Creative (visit website)
Website Design + Development  [HTML/CSS, PHP, jQuery]
Elegant, understated website design for a multidisciplinary creative agency. An immersive, full-width image carousel showcases the wide range of work created in the studio.

Done with Oishii Creative

Ismael Obregon : Creative Direction
Josel Cruz : Design, Development
AD+World Health (visit website)
Website Design
I translated the team's initial design concepts into a full-fledged website design for this humanitarian nonprofit.

Done with HNBeat / Red Owl Design
Made In Space, Inc. (visit website)
Website Design + Development  [HTML/CSS, PHP]
Layers of information crossfade to reveal the projects of this transmedia design consultancy in a way that reflects on its unique aesthetic.

Done with Made In Space

April Greiman : Creative Direction
Josel Cruz : Design, Project Management, Development
Colin Khan : Design, Advanced Development
Jessica Cho : Design
Bebé Kanguro Online Store (visit website)
Logo + E-commerce Website [HTML/CSS, PHP]
E-commerce website for a seller of handcrafted baby slings. Includes a fully bilingual interface that can be easily mantained. The upbeat color scheme reinforces the energetic lifestyle that a baby sling can provide to both mother and baby.

Mofongos Restaurant (visit website)
Website Design, Search Engine Optimization [HTML/CSS, PHP]
An interactive food menu, Facebook and Twitter integration for easy content updates, and search engine optimization helped the restaurant reach and engage its clientele.

La Radio Guerrilla
Logo and Website Design [HTML/CSS]
Web design and visual identity for a web radio station, focusing on simple functionality and reduced consumption of bandwidth.

Flash Banner Ad Campaigns
Design + Animation  [Flash, Actionscript 3]
Flash banner ad campaigns developed for a wide range of clients. To view an example of a campaign in all its sizes, click here.

Ovation TV: So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Flash Banner Ad Campaign (view flash ads)
Design + Animation   [Flash, Actionscript 3]
Banner ad campaign created to complement Ovation’s on-air promos, website, social, and print campaign. To view samples of more banner ad campaigns I have worked on click here.

Done with Oishii Creative

Ismael Obregon : Creative Direction
Dustin Norman : Design
Josel Cruz : Design, Animation, Development
Type that Moves (you)
Motion Graphics + Music
Promo for a panel of motion graphics designers organized by AIGA/Los Angeles at Typecon 2010.

Fumemos un cigarrillo
Short story about love, death, and cigarettes.

Ron Playa
Company Branding and Stationery Design
Ron Playa is a rum brand with a modern, stylish feel that aims to compete with hip and sophisticated liquor brands such as Skyy and Absolut Vodka.

Palm Pre
Magazine Ad Campaign
This magazine ad campaign employs a humorous horror movie tone to pose the Palm Pre as a worthy contender to the iPhone in an unique and memorable way.

Done in collaboration with Maria Farruggia
Drinking Age Ad Campaigns
Newspaper Full Page Ad
The project consisted of creating both pro and opposed ads regarding drinking age laws, which several groups propose be reconsidered.

Done in collaboration with Karen Hirosawa
AIGA/Los Angeles 25th Anniversary Poster
Poster, 7.5 x 20 in
A visual essay on the complex iconography that defines L.A. The hand-drawn icons form a 25 to show how the AIGA has brought together the diverse community of creative professionals in Los Angeles.

Graphic Design Newsletter
Bold, black graphical elements and a geometric slab serif create a powerful yet neutral frame for the magazine’s featured design content.

Logo Designs
An assortment of recent logo designs for various clients.

Logo and app icon for an upcoming mobile text messaging management service.
Animated logo & company name for a distributor of color-shifting LED balls for partygoers and for the novelty and Halloween markets. The Laughing Buddha concept was chosen to market the fun but mundane product as a good luck charm and as a symbol of happiness and celebration. The short dance animation is an integral part of the identity and will be used on all electronic media applications.

The bouncing energy of the logotype, created for a baby sling store, emphasizes the Kangaroo theme and reflects how the product provides energy for active moms and their babies.

Logo concept for a fashion boutique/spa by day, fashionable lounge by night. The shapes and splashes of color in the background are changed according to the "in" colors of the season.

The diagonal logo and modern typography emphasize how Ron Playa is not your traditional rum brand.

Branding for a vacation home management company.

CSU Los Angeles program consisting of using one particular book each semester across different disciplines to foster a sense of community between students from different courses or departments.

Logotype for a graphic design newsletter, following a powerful yet neutral aesthetic that can coexist with the featured design work.

Logotype for a typography booklet, created using xerography.